Though a refrigerator freezer could provide sufficient frozen food storage for the small family, a chest or upright freezer is usually very convenient and may even save you money in the end. Having ample freezer storage allows you to take advantage of largest part food specials, freeze seasonal cherries and jams, as very well as everyday and particular event baking, make-ahead foods and wild game or even large meat orders.

What style of freezer in the event you buy and what will work much healthier? There are trade-offs to each type of freezer - you should choose based on refrigerator price, capacity, conveniences, electricity efficiency and freezer installing. Both styles of freezers are actually sold in 5 : 25 cu. ft. dimensions, but there are capacity differences inside the same size chest and also upright models of freezers. It's easier to obtain the mid-range freezer sizes to get and not all freezers can be found in self-defrost models.

Having a freezer (or two) in your home can add another aspect worth considering. Instead of experiencing a refrigerator/freezer in the kitchen, you could decide an all-refrigerator model which in turn would greatly increase cool food storage, and keep your frozen foods in a couple of freezers. It should be noted however, that freezers increases your energy costs whilst providing this food safe-keeping convenience.

Chest Freezers

Price, Capacity & Energy:

The most economical freezer is the chest model. Basically every inch on the chest freezer is operational storage. Although there are certain chest models that are fitted with automatic defrost or usually are frost-free, most chest freezers will be manual defrost, a task which requires many hours or a whole day to perform. Because of the built-in facet wall insulation, chest freezers hold their cold temperatures well and therefore use minimal energy to run. Actually, during a power outage or a household proceed to another locale, as long because freezer lid is possibly not open, an unplugged chest freezer can keep the contents frozen for 2 and even 3 days, depending for the frozen food quantity. Manual chest freezers often have longer lifecycles than upright models.
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Freezer Convenience Features:

Chest freezers usually come with at least one wire basket to assist you organize the contents. You'll be able to segregate types of food using cardboard boxes to better organize freezer belongings. However, chest freezers require plenty of bending, reaching and moving taken foods to find what thinking of. That being said, they accommodate odd-shaped, long or large items which can be difficult to spot in an upright refrigerator. There are some models that you can buy that have a bottom drawer accessible through the outside of the upper body freezer, but while this tends to add convenience to any chest model, it will in addition reduce capacity slightly.